Chief Program Officer (CPO).

EZ Showbiz. (March 2002 – Present).
Chief Program Officer, Assistant Music Director, Sound Engineer (Digital Music EMI), Network System Administrator, Senior Departmental Engineer (Engineering Department & System Production), Secretary of purchase.


Program Leadership:

  • Support the CEO in developing and implementing Landesa’s overall Program strategy. Partner with the Country/Program Directors and the other Program Staff on the development and implementation of country and program strategies and work plans.
  • Develop, ensure implementation, and enforce the use of systems that facilitate smooth work flow, equitable and efficient work allocation, quality control, monitoring and evaluation, and communication within and among programs as well as between Programs and other Landesa departments.
  • Together with CEO and Country/Program Directors, establish and monitor progress against Program and organizational metrics and milestones.
  • Support development and integration of regional and cross-cutting Program strategies, including country/regional programs, Women & Land, and Global Advocacy.
  • Understand technical aspects of Program Department work.
  • Responsibility for overall work quality and integration of learning and best practices. At Program Department level, assist Program Directors with measuring project and individual performance through regular communication with professional Program Staff, monitoring progress, tracking outcomes, referrals and services. Conduct site visits to the extent necessary to measure program performance, ensure quality, and track outcomes.
  • Work with Program Directors to provide high-level project oversight, approving project scope and deliverables within regions and programs.
  • Responsibility for ensuring resources are available to support programs.
  • Responsibility for the identification of new business development opportunities.

Operational Innovation:

  • Guide and integrate the Country/Program directors’ efforts to align all business processes and reinforce organizational structure to ensure the effectiveness of major programs and initiatives by focusing energies and operations to achieve agreed upon objectives.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, enforcement, and monitoring of program policies and procedures for effective service delivery.
  • Develop innovative initiatives to enhance internal communication, education, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Encourage and facilitate the application of technology to enable the re-engineering of programs and processes to make optimal use of resources.
  • Coordinate and oversee financial management, including: developing the budget; authorizing and monitoring expenditure of contract funds; and identifying opportunities for cost savings.
  • Lead efforts to identify and assess how emerging trends and issues may impact Landesa’s work.

Technical Responsibilities: 

  • Manage Windows servers, Linux servers systems and cluster administration, Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, DHCP, IP Phone etc.
  • Manage Cloud & Virtualization (Citrix, Hyper-v, Vmware) with Dell. Manage & lead Data Center and Infrastructure work streams at the client site.
  • Developing extensive Project Plans through discussion and negotiation with client, partners and suppliers, tracking progress of development against agreed targets.
  • Managing the implementation, testing and go-live stages of the project.
  • Manage storage & Backup devices (SAN, NAS, Tape Library).
  • Manage Data Center with HP/Dell servers, blade systems, network devices, online UPS, precision AC.
  • Manage Network devices like Cisco & Juniper Router, switches, firewall, UTM etc.
  • Project Management.
  • Static and Dynamic routing, VPN, Layer 3/Layer 2 VLAN. Manage IT Projects. OS, Printers, Scanners, Desktop & Clone PC Assembly,Notebook troubleshooting & Servicing Networking.
  • LAN setup & install all related equipment’s. Configure MS-Outlook and Eudora.
  • Manage Workgroup/Domain networks Windows & Linux Server management & IP Configuration,Data backup & restore with antivirus support.
  • Troubleshoot personal computer hardware, software and Networking problems.
  • Configuring and administrating of local PCs, Ms Office,My SQL,SQL Server 2016 and other related software.
  • Provide skill development training to sales team about technical issue & large scale of client management.

Management and Organizational Leadership:

  • Manage Program Directors and Supervisors including work performance, evaluation, and professional development.
  • Manage, train and mentor Program Directors on development of program strategy, program management, and project-level management of Program Staff; ensure resources are available and utilized to develop strong technical leadership for each program area.
  • Contribute to organizational strategy as a member of Landesa’s leadership team, including the development of organization-wide and department annual goals, strategies, and desired outcomes, along with the development of corresponding budgets.
  • Support CEO in building relationships with international stakeholders, including government officials, fellow NGOs, and donors.
  • Present Program Management Reports to the Board of Directors and/or Board committees; prepare and present other reports to the Board or CEO as requested.
  • Represent Landesa at meetings within the nonprofit and philanthropic community and at conferences and other relevant meetings and events.